Frequently Asked Questions

Is outside food/drink permitted?
Outside food and beverage is not permitted due to venue policy.

Do crossovers receive a discount?
Pride does not offer crossover discounts, we want all our athletes to receive gifts for every team they perform in, not just one.

When is the final schedule released?
Tentative schedule is released the Wednesday before the competition; final schedule is released the Thursday before the competition.

Does my team need to compete to be able to participate in a solo?
No, you may perform a solo without being registered with a team, you may sign up on our registration page.

Is photography and videography allowed?
Photography and videography is allowed as long as the judges view is NOT blocked in any way. You may also order professional photos taken from ImageWorks.

How soon before our warm up time are we allowed in the practice area?
Please arrive 15 minutes before assigned warm up time. Some venues do not have a waiting area, so please be courteous to other competitors and arrive only 15 minutes before warm up time.

Are parents allowed in the warm up area?
No, parents are strictly prohibited in the warm up area for safety reasons.

Do you offer bids at your events?
Yes, we offer 3 paid “Gold” bids at Regional events and a paid Gold bid to every 1st place team at “Battle Under the Lights Nationals”. 2nd and 3rd place teams will receive silver and bronze bids at Nationals.
“Gold” bid: 100% paid bid
“Silver” bid: 50% paid bid
“Bronze” bid: 25% paid bid

Do you offer summer camps?
Yes, we do offer summer camps. Please call our front office for more information: 956-887-1405


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